We're an alliance of nonprofit specialists.

Why Mission Up?

Mission Up’s a curated network of specialists who understand the nonprofit sector, possess a passion for socially conscious work and excel at their craft.

Collectively, we specialize in the services nonprofits need to engage their constituents and create meaningful impact.

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Every member has been carefully selected to fill a specific seat, equipping Mission Up to tackle an array of nonprofit needs.

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We're looking for the following specialists to join our alliance:

  • Grant Writer

  • Lawyer

  • Event Planner

If you're a nonprofit specialist whose business could fill one of our openings, we'd love to hear from you.

Mission Up membership includes the following:

  • Opportunity to join forces with a range of inspiring nonprofits.
  • Monthly meetings focused on collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Authentic relationships with seasoned, like-minded members.
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